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Chicken Factory Farming;
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Right now over 50 billion chickens have no room even to flap their wings due to factory farming. They spend their short lives crammed in windowless sheds with up to 50,000 other birds and nowhere to rest except on faeces laden litter.

Chickens are kept in sheds called broiler houses where they are squashed with no more than 600cm2 per chick. The floor is concrete and covered with sawdust or wood shavings but soon becomes filled with the animals excrement. The filth can attract rats & flies spreading disease and because the birds are forced to spend all entire lives standing up they are in constant pain from hock burns to their feet & legs, ulcerated feet and breast blisters. The windowless sheds are artificially lit for 23 hours a day and this interfers with the chickens sleeping and instead makes them eat more. A fatter bird means more profit and money is used as an excuse for all types of cruel things that people do to birds and animals.

Broiler chickens are ready for slaughter at 1.8kg in 42 days, 1/2 the time it once took naturally. The chickens grow abnormally fast because they are selectively bred and fed growth promoters the result is that the bones of many of the chickens break under their ballooning weight and their hearts are frequently unable to cope. The Agricultural and Food Research Council state that up to 4/5 of broiler chickens have broken bones, deformed legs & feet or other skeletal defects, according to the National Farmers Union, about 72 million chickens die in broiler houses every year before they even reach the slaughter house.

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